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As the City of Johannesburg’s development agency, the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) manages and facilitates developments efficiently and innovatively to build an equitable, sustainable and resilient city.

The agency was set up to facilitate area-based developments that give effect to the strategic City development vision and objectives.

To achieve its objectives the JDA has structured its operations into four substantive programmes within the Sustainable Services Cluster, and two operational programmes that give effect to the cross-cutting functions that enable the JDA to work in an efficient and effective way.

The substantive programmes are:

i) The greenways programme that focuses on providing resilient, liveable and sustainable environments within the City by using roads, rivers and transport modes to promote walking, cycling, and sustainable public transport. This programme includes the continued roll-out of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system infrastructure and service.

ii) A transit oriented node development programme that encourages optimal development of transit hubs and corridors across the city, which provide access to affordable  accommodation and transport, high quality public spaces and amenities, and good community services.

iii) A programme on priority area planning and implementation that shifts the design of the city – including elements like streets, buildings and spaces of work and play – to improve liveability and create sustainable human settlements.

iv) An inner city regeneration programme that continues the strategic inner city upgrading focus for the JDA. Within this programme there are elements of transit oriented node and corridor development. Precinct developments are designed to respond to local conditions, needs and advantages, and to achieve economic, social and sustainable development outcomes.