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Instinct is a safety platform built to change the way people think about safety by providing tools that enhance the resources within your community. The concept of community is essential to the way we think about safety and the solutions that will lead to immediate and long-lasting change. The face of crime may change over time but the resolve and commitment of communities to oppose it, ensures that we are investing in an infinite resource in the fight against crime.

Our personal safety app enhances the social capital within communities by creating better access to resources, ensuring accountability and restoring the faith people have in their community organisations. Through our features we are able to gather and analyse data for stakeholders to help in understanding crime and managing the resources to combat it. By partnering with Instinct, you are contributing to the creation of a safer, smarter community.

We want to provide a security platform/solution and user experience that relates to the people most at risk when it comes to safety. By creating a shared responsibility model, Instinct is trying to shift the paternalist approach to security, ensuring that users are conscious and proactive about their safety. We value, integrity and accountability as foundational elements of our business; these are the measures that have kept us grounded and form the basis of the relationships we want to build. Our purpose at Instinct is to ensure that we put users in control of their safety, enhance communication channels within their “communities” and prioritise the accountability of existing security infrastructure. Together our values and purpose create a symbiotic relationship between users and providers to solidify the security of their communities and greater peace of mind.