Imbokodo Support for Ex-Offenders

Imbokodo Support for Ex-Offenders – Organisation


South Africa






8118 Goba Street
Ex 2 Dobsonville


Background to Imbokodo Support for Ex-offenders

Imbokodo Support for Ex-Offenders is a registered NPO, situated in West Rand, Johannesburg. Yoliswa Keswa started Imbokodo Support for Ex-Offenders (Imbokodo), after working with a number of NPOs, including Christian services, in correctional facilities from 2009 to date. Imbokodo have worked with Nelia Steyn under Grace Walk Ministries for a long time.

Imbokodo is accredited by the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), and is currently facilitating DCS programmes for offenders, based on their sentence plan. Our work is based on the following approaches: restorative justice (RJ); victim offender dialogue (VOD); and victim offender mediation (VOM), including mediation with families of victims.

Our interventions include: facilitating behaviour changing programmes; conducting one-on-one interviews with offenders; tracing victims; and conducting live VOD sessions with offenders’ and victims’ families. 

Imbokodo’s work focuses on the following individuals: victims and their families, offenders, and communities. We work to reintegrate offenders back into their communities, this includes educating communities on the reintegration process. We all know crime is a societal responsibility.

Our Vision

It is imperative that we should invest in the lives of offenders and ex-offenders, by providing access to the services and resources necessary for individuals to embrace a productive, crime-free life.


Our Mission

Supporting and educating offenders and ex-offenders, families and communities; providing comprehensive programmes that will make their re-entry productive; breaking the cycle of re-offending; and creating safer and stronger communities.


Our Values

Our values include promoting restorative justice, victim offender dialogue/mediation to reform the lives of offenders, communities and victims; and consequently, paving the way to heal the effects of crime through forgiveness and reconciliation, leading to social reintegration. To curb recidivism by introducing skill development programmes.


Our Objectives  

To empower offenders’, ex-offenders’ and victims’ communities and the youth through introducing: skills development; workshops; promoting safer and stable communities; and working with support structures like families, churches, government, companies and other NPOs.