Ikhwezi Women's Support Centre

Ikhwezi Women's Support Centre – Organisation


Ikhwezi Women’s Support Centre is a non-governmental organisation based in a small rural town of Cathcart situated in the Eastern Cape.

The core purpose of IWSC is to fight women’s surbordination, specifically gender-based violence as well as HIV and AIDS pandemic. This is done through awareness raising workshops and campaigns, advice and information, lobbying and advocacy for policy change and implementation, training and capacity building in relevant skills.

Ikhwezi Women’s group are rural poor women specifically those on commercial farms, in and out of school youth and children.

Ikhwezi is committed to educating and empowering men, women and children of the greater Cathcart region on issues of Gender Based Violence, Human Rights, as well as HIV and AIDS related issues. Ikhwezi strives to develop the greater Cathcart community to enable it to participate in the development of its own community structures and in the implementation of sustainable programme in order to increase their income levels, without being hindered by gender based violence, abuse of human rights and HIV and AIDS.

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