I Protect Me

I Protect Me – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


Roggebaai Ciudad del Cabo
Roggebaai Square
Cape Town City Centre


I PROTECT ME is registered as a non-profit organisation in South Africa (September 2013 No 127-017). We give self-protection training to children, women and vulnerable adults, particularly educating boys to change sexual attitudes and empowering both boys and girls to protect their own boundaries and to stand up for each other against abuse.

Our work in schools is done with the help of students over 16 years of age, called Peer Trainers, supported by their Life Skills teachers, and supervised by our trained Prevention Workers.

Our vision is a South Africa where everyone will respect equality and personal boundaries.

Our aim is to empower all school children and vulnerable adults to resist abuse, by standing up for themselves and for others; learning self-defence techniques (without using weapons); setting their own boundaries and to respect the boundaries of others.

Through the establishment of strong partnerships in schools and in the community, I Protect Me responds actively to three inter-related threats to education in South Africa: gender inequality, violence in schools and in the community, and reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS.