Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS) Southern Africa

Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS) Southern Africa – Organisation


South Africa


International, National (all SA), Western Cape


Cape Town


8th Floor Vunani Chambers
33 Church Street
Cape Town (CBD)


The Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS) Southern Africa, also known as the Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF), is a publicly funded institution that is affiliated with but independent from the German Green party. From its headquarters in Berlin and 30 overseas offices, including one in the Cape Town CBD, it promotes civic participation in more than 60 countries.

The HBF has been active in Southern Africa since 1989. The Foundation has had its office in Cape Town since 2007, where it is more active at the interface between civil society and parliament. It promotes constructive exchange and contact between non-governmental organisations and democratic institutions. This is how it contributes to meaningful participation in the democratic process on the part of civil society, and to acceptance of the ideals of democracy. The HBF is dedicated to advancing open and tolerant political culture in Namibia and Zimbabwe as well.

In South Africa, HBF concentrates on promoting civil society, human rights, democracy, socioeconomic development, ecological sustainability and social justice. Its human rights work focuses on gender-based violence and gender inequality; working towards the advancement of the rights of women as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and communities. The foundation partners with local organisations, institutions, activists, political leaders and the media.