Hands of Honour

Hands of Honour – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


24 Koraal Street,


Hands of Honour design and produce innovative early learning furniture while creating employment for marginalised men and uplifting communities. Their mission is to combat welfare dependence and improve conditions in early learning centers across Cape Town.

Community Projects

Hands of Honour has a number of community interventions. The aim of these community projects is to create livelihoods, shift the handout culture, and instil personal pride. The community projects include, among other initiatives:

  • Waste Collection

Aim: Creating employment through upcycling corporate waste.

Hands of Honour creates employment in South Africa through upcycling obsolete stock and recyclable items. Corporations are the main providers of this obsolete stock or waste, “donating” their obsolete stock rather than send them on to landfill.

The upcycling programme is simple yet creates jobs and transforms both waste or obsolete stock and derelict spaces. Fifty percent of the profits made from upcycled goods are used for salaries while the other fifty percent is used to fund projects that improve their communities such as creating food gardens and upgrading early learning centres.

  • The Angel Classroom on Wheels

Creating and distributing award winning ECD tools and furniture that will transform vulnerable Township children into the next generation of leaders, problem solvers and critical thinkers.