Goals for Change

Goals for Change – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


48 School Street, Forest Park, Eersteriver, Cape Town


We as GFC work with youths aged 8-35 in marginalised communities, helping and guiding them into setting personal short-term achievable goals. We also prepare them for the challenges they will face on their journey to achieving their goals.

We also have another department where we use sports as a vehicle to carry over a positive Life Skills message to youth facing challenges on daily basis. A few of our key Topics are:

  • Respecting your peers
  • Confidence 
  • Self-respect
  • Turning negative behaviour to positive behaviour.

Mission: Recruiting youth from marginalised communities and providing a space for positive growth.

Vision: To see youth achieving personal goals and making positive choices into becoming leaders of their communities

Aim: To teach and prepare youth on their journey to achieving their goals

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