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Earthchild Project
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Brief Overview
Earthchild Project operates in disadvantaged primary schools in the Western Cape. Working with children and teachers, our educational programmes focus on providing practical skills that compliment the academic curriculum. Earthchild Project aims to inspire a new generation of confident, conscious and responsible young leaders.

Background to Earthchild Project
In order for children to develop into well-adjusted capable adults, a balanced education, which encompasses social, physical and emotional needs in addition to academic welfare, is required. This is particularly relevant for the thousands of children living in township communities, where they face additional challenges due to poverty and crime.     

Many children remain socially and emotionally stunted and have difficulty developing a sense of self-worth and purpose. Without interventions many are at risk of remaining in the cycle of poverty and inequality which has prevailed in their families for generations.

Earthchild Project's Interventions
Earthchild Project use an holistic and experiential method of education which promotes the development of the whole child. Our aim is to equip children with a set of human values and practical life-skills which will enable them to develop to their full potential. 

We aim to foster the concept of life long learning and believe that sustainable transformation only occurs through long term interventions. Therefore we work with Grade 1's through to post high school youth.  

Description of Interventions
Working within the existing structure of schools, the Earthchild Facilitators work closely with the school staff, parents, partnering organisations and volunteers. Offered during and after school, on weekends and school holidays, programmes include:

  • Yoga, life-skills & healthy living
  • Food gardening & worm farming
  • Hiking & outdoor education
  • Leadership development
  • Teacher training

During 2017, Earthchild Project worked with over 3000 children on a weekly basis, across 8 schools in Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill. We successfully implemented 3700 classroom lessons, 24 day hikes, 4 leadership camps, 4 holiday programmes, 1 teacher wellness convention and over 600 after school club sessions.