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The City of Johannesburg's growth and development strategy (GDS) is a strategy that not only provides a vision of the future until 2040, but importantly, defines clear outcomes against which to measure progress.

The GDS outreach process has been of great importance in building a collective and shared vision for the future of Johannesburg. In the process, we have all managed to express our concerns, fears, hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future city of Johannesburg – with these reflected as points of common agreement within this GDS itself. We all want to live in a great city – a city that inspires everyone to achieve more than is immediately possible. These aspirations are expressed in the vision developed from the outreach process – a vision the City chooses to adopt for the path ahead:


“Johannesburg – a World Class African City of the Future – a vibrant, equitable African city, strengthened through its diversity; a city that provides real quality of life; a city that provides sustainability for all its citizens; a resilient and adaptive society.”

Joburg. My City – Our Future!


The City of Johannesburg commits itself to pro-active delivery and the creation of a city environment in 2040 that is resilient, sustainable and liveable. It aims to achieve this through long-term 2040 plans, targeted programmes, services and enabling support that drives economic growth, optimal management of natural resources and the environment, the development of society and the individuals within it, and the practice and encouragement of sound governance, in all the City does.