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South Africa






3rd Floor Children’s Memorial Institute
Empire Road


Caring for children.

Childline Gauteng works to facilitate the protection of children from all forms of violence and to create a culture of Children's Rights in South Africa.

Company Overview
Childline Gauteng is an established Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) whose main focus is Child Protection. Through our structured, multi-sectoral approach, Childline Gauteng has become a significant role player in the child development and protection network in South Africa.

General Information

  • 24 Hour Help Line: a toll free telephone service which offers counselling, referral and support services for children and their families, nationally.
  • Clinical Counselling Services: short- and long-term therapeutic services for children and their families.
  • Community Awareness and Prevention Programme: raising awareness on all children’s issues at schools, and in communities, for both children and the adults in their lives.
  • Training & Development: workshops and presentations for professionals and non-professionals working with children, as well as Positive Parenting programmes.
  • Child Development Programme: a variety of extra-mural and therapeutic interventions, which are designed to ensure the holistic development of children. Junior Leadership, arts and culture, Holiday programmes and the Firemaker resilience model are implemented at each Community-Based Office.