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Boxgirls South Africa
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Boxgirls South Africa is working for social development, violence prevention and leadership education in primary schools with girls and young women in disadvantaged communities of Western Cape.

Our “Girls Afterschool Leadership Education” Program is situated in 15 primary schools in the urban informal settlements in Khayelitsha, Cape Town and will expand to 20 primary schools by July 2016. Female peer-facilitators coach grade 5 girls in de-escalation strategies, communication skills, self-respect and goal setting, life skills and awareness of local resources an opportunities. As important part of the programme Boxgirls offers a Math Homework Club in order to help the girls improve their scholastic competences. In accordance to the South African CAPS-Curriculum and the specific needs of the girls group Homework Club focuses on the two core subjects Mathematics and English as well as individual exam preparation.

Our Slogan is Strong Girls. Strong Communities.

We operate from the position that if girls and women have the skills and the support to develop their sense of self they will also take steps to protect themselves, and work for a safer community. That’s why the aims and impact of our program reaches from the individual girl to the peer group and the broader community.

In order to constantly improve and preserve our high standards on the quality of our project the impact and feasibility of the Boxgirls South Africa Girls’ Afterschool Leadership Clubs will be evaluated by the German Sport University and local research partners from the University of the Western Cape.

Our objectives:

  • Improve girls’ academic performance and motivation through after school leadership clubs
  • Increase girls’ ability to defend themselves against gender based violence
  • Support leadership development training for girls and young women
  • Provide advice and learning events to other NGOs, funders and governments on curriculum design, impact evaluation and child protection