ACVV Peninsula

ACVV Peninsula – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


37 Hely Str, Maitland


The ACVV Peninsula is the designated child protection agency for Albow Gardens, Brooklyn, Garden Village, Kensington, Maitland, Rugby and Ysterplaat. Our dedicated team of social workers provide protection services for children and families by safeguarding them, increasing the communities’ knowledge and involvement, and developing skills so that families and individuals can function effectively.

ACVV Peninsula’s goal is to protect, develop, support and enable children, families and older persons and to strive towards self reliant families and communities.

ACVV Peninsula’s main focus is to provide care and protection for children and families living in a designated working area. Services are aimed at protecting clients from physical and emotional abuse and enhancing people’s psycho-social functioning through therapeutic service and skills development projects.