Mr Jhono Bennett

  • 1to1 Agency of Engagement

Ms Rebecca Campbell

  • Open Streets Cape Town

Dr Teresa Dirsuweit

  • University of South Africa

Christiane Erkens

  • GIZ South Africa

Isabel Faller

  • Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU NPC)

Mr Siphiwe Gift

  • Youth Crime Prevention Desk Naledi

Marius Glitz

  • KfW Development Bank

Abdulrasheed Inusa

  • Khulisa Social Solutions

Mr Finlay Kettlewell

  • Waves for Change (W4C)

Magdalena Khulisa

  • Khulisa Social Solutions

Ms Anine Kriegler

  • Centre of Criminology

Tinus Kruger

  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Udo Lange

  • AHT GROUP AG Essen Germany

Mr Andrew Layman

  • Strategic Urban Management NPC

Mr Tshenolo Leburu

  • You At Work Enviro Care Primary Co-operative