Mike Batley

  • Freelance / Independent

Rev Meleney Berry-Kriel

  • The Viva Foundation of South Africa

Linda Brukwe

  • Ikhwezi Women's Support Centre

Sylvia Dyonase

  • FAMSA Grahamstown

Mr Ian Edelstein

  • Independent Researcher

Dr Anik Gevers

  • Independent Consultant

Ms Mara Glennie

  • TEARS Foundation

Dr Chandre Gould

  • Institute for Security Studies

Dr Mimi Haddad

  • CBE International

Abdulrasheed Inusa

  • Khulisa Social Solutions

Laureen Jansen

  • Boxgirls South Africa

Mr David Jeffery

  • Mikhulu Trust

Prof Ernest Khalema

  • University of KwaZulu-Natal

Mr Sindile Khani

  • Salesian Institute Youth Projects

Magdalena Khulisa

  • Khulisa Social Solutions

Mr Jamie Lachman

  • Parenting for Lifelong Health

Ms Lizette Lancaster

  • Institute for Security Studies