Mike Batley

  • Freelance / Independent

Rev Meleney Berry-Kriel

  • The Viva Foundation of South Africa

Miss Zikhona Bokodwana

  • Youth Crime Prevention Desk

Tamara Braam

  • Joint Gender Fund

Linda Brukwe

  • Ikhwezi Women's Support Centre

Mrs Nazira Cachalia

  • City of Johannesburg

Elizabeth Dartnall

  • Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)

Mrs Sima Diar

  • Nisaa Institute for Women's Development

Mrs Ipeleng Dube

  • Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo

Sylvia Dyonase

  • FAMSA Grahamstown

Mr Ian Edelstein

  • Independent Researcher

Christiane Erkens

  • GIZ South Africa

Mr Walter Fieuw

  • Making of Cities

Ms Daniela Gennrich

  • We Will Speak Out SA Coalition

Mr Siphiwe Gift

  • Youth Crime Prevention Desk Naledi