Ms Beth Amato

The Social Justice Initiative

Mr Michael Bell

Western Cape Government

Linda Brukwe

Ikhwezi Women's Support Centre

Patrick Burton

Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention

Ms Makhosi Buthelezi

Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Cedrick Buys

The Seven Passes Initiative

Elizabeth Dartnall

Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)

Mr Jonathan Deal

Safe Citizen

Mrs Ipeleng Dube

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo

Sylvia Dyonase

FAMSA Grahamstown

Dr Anik Gevers

Independent Consultant

Mr Siphiwe Gift

Youth Crime Prevention Desk Naledi

Ms Mara Glennie

TEARS Foundation

Dr Chandre Gould

Institute for Security Studies

Dr Mimi Haddad

CBE International