Vanessa Barolsky

  • Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Mrs Tali Bruk

  • ARG Design

Mr Alan Cameron

  • Places Plus

Mr Malcolm Campbell

  • ACG Architects

Mr Tinus Etsebeth

  • South African Police Service

Dr Andrew Faull

  • Institute for Security Studies

Mr Walter Fieuw

  • Making of Cities

Mr Albert Mpazayabo

  • Association of Refugee Communities and Organisations in South Africa (ARCOSA)

Mr Azwi Netshikulwe

  • Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)

Miss Lauren October

  • Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)

Mr Johan Olivier

  • Ranyaka NPC

Miss Karen Roos

  • Women on Farms Project

Mr Chris Smal

  • Breede Valley Municipality

Ms Kelly Stone

  • Freelance / Independent

Hugo van der Merwe

  • Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation