Emmanuel Adewoye

University of Pretoria

Mr Mvuyisi April

Pegasys Institute

Vanessa Barolsky

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Mike Batley

Freelance / Independent

Mr Michael Bell

Western Cape Government

Rev Meleney Berry-Kriel

The Viva Foundation of South Africa

Kagiso Bodigelo

Crystal park Neighborhood watch

Tamara Braam

Joint Gender Fund

Mrs Tali Bruk

ARG Design

Linda Brukwe

Ikhwezi Women's Support Centre

Ms Makhosi Buthelezi

Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Mr Alan Cameron

Places Plus

Mr Malcolm Campbell

ACG Architects

Ms Ali Channon

Joint Gender Fund

Norman Chivasa

Durban University of Technology

Mrs Monica Clarke


Mr Luxolo Dayimani

Da Game Foundation