Vanessa Barolsky

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Kagiso Bodigelo

Crystal park Neighborhood watch

Mr Ian Edelstein

Independent Researcher

Dr Andrew Faull

Institute for Security Studies

Mr Edward Keenan Jacobs

Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)

Laureen Jansen

Boxgirls South Africa

Prof Ernest Khalema

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Ms Anine Kriegler

Centre of Criminology

Mr Nick Malherbe

Institute for Social and Health Sciences (UNISA & SAMRC)

Mr Ncedo Mngqibisa

Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)

Miss Charity Monareng

GIZ South Africa

Mr Gerald Moore

Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)

Ms Sameeah Moses

Mental health private practice

Lameez Mota

Institute for Safety Governance and Criminology (SafGo)

Prof Lukas Muntingh

Africa Criminal Justice Reform (ACJR)

Mr Azwi Netshikulwe

Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)

Mrs Lauren October

The Children's Institute

Ms Sarita Ranchod

Under the Rainbow - Creative Strategies for Positive Change