Mr Ian Edelstein

  • Independent Researcher

Dr Anik Gevers

  • Independent Consultant

Nina Harder

  • Oxfam Germany

Laureen Jansen

  • Boxgirls South Africa

Mr Sindile Khani

  • Salesian Institute Youth Projects

Miss Hetile Mabunda

  • IkamvaYouth

Mr Albert Mpazayabo

  • Association of Refugee Communities and Organisations in South Africa (ARCOSA)

Miss Lauren October

  • Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)

Ms Sarita Ranchod

  • Under the Rainbow - Creative Strategies for Positive Change

Miss Karen Roos

  • Women on Farms Project

Dr Heidi Sauls

  • Western Cape Government Department of Social Development

Mr Matthew Skade

  • Institute for Safety Governance and Criminology (SafGo)

Prof Lauren Ugur

  • International School of Management, Frankfurt

Hugo van der Merwe

  • Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

Mr Gilles Virgili

  • UNFPA South Africa

Dr Inge Wessels

  • University of Cape Town

Florian Zech

  • AMANDLA EduFootball