Practitioner – Zanemvula Dayimani

Zanemvula Dayimani – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

Our strategic goal is a crime free society where the youth is safe, employable, academically achieving, healthy and socially connected. Our vision, however, is self reliant youth who initiate and participate in socio-economic self development and others trapped in similar conditions. The Youth in Peddie, like all rural areas experience social challenges, such as violent crimes, drugs and substance abuse, access to learning oppotunities. We address these challenges through the following programs: Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Rural Safety Program, Ruralpreneurs Young Women Program, Sidlala Sidlamkile Sifunda Banzi Ngobom, Youth and Children Mainstreaming, Early Childhood Developmemt, establishment of after school facilities and by funding sporting programmes

I'm working in these sectors:
NGOs/CBOs, Sport / Recreation
I'm specialising in these topics:
Youth and violence
Projects published

Mentoring and coaching Concept development Crime Prevention Strategist Sports Correctional science Community activism Program development


Youth Development Psychology Mentoring and coaching