Practitioner – Ursula Poggenpoel-Smith

Ursula Poggenpoel-Smith – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

We specialise in in music which serves as therapy. the children and youth involved in the programme learns to follow direction and builds team spirit. Their self esteem are boosted as they can read musicand play an instrument. They start with the recorder and will later move on to other instruments as they develop the ability to read muaisc. The children also take part in a programme called SNAG (starting new at golf) which developes their hand-eye coordination as well discipline. Our Website is under construction but is available via the MASAKHE NPC Facebook page.

I'm working in these sectors:


I'm specialising in these theme(s):



We offer:

  • A Safe Space After School
  • Homework Assistance
  • A Nutritious meal
  • Music Classes
  • Sporting activities
  • Health Safety Information Sessions


All the facilitators received certified First Aid level 3 training. In the process of arranging further certified training.