Practitioner – Tshenolo Leburu

Tshenolo Leburu – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

I'm Chairperson and Director of You At Work Enviro Care Co-op, a South African youth-founded co-operative with an objective to transform open public spaces in townships, commonly used as dumping sites and criminal activities - such as gambling, drug dealing, muggings and murders - into business and recreational platforms. These space are also often common sites of survival, a source of income for many families, through placed street markets mostly operated by youth groups and general hawkers. In return creating self-employment and skills development opportunities especially for the youth who are mostly affected given the massive unemployment rate. In Mzansi townships similar spaces are also traditionally used by the youth community to hang out and pass time, to socialize and escape the realities at home.

I'm working in these sectors:


I'm specialising in these theme(s):

Crime prevention through environmental design, Public spaces, Youth


Waste Management and transforming toxic dangerous township spaces such as dark street corners, into safer and user-friendly environments