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My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

Tinus Etsebeth joined the South African Police Service (SAPS) in 2002 and started his career at Bishop Lavis SAPS in Cape Town with a pre-training initiative.

In September 2002, he underwent police training at the Tshwane Police Academy. He currently holds the rank of warrant officer. He gained his police experience at Bellville SAPS, where he worked as a reactive police member attending to complaints, crime prevention and other policing functions; and thereafter became a proactive member in the crime prevention unit which included cambating drug-related crime that involved undercover operations with the Crime Intelligence division.

He is currently working at the Crime Information Management Office (CIMO) for the Rapid Rail Response Unit in the Western Cape.
In 2019, the North West University granted him an opportunity to further his policing knowledge by accepting his application for distance learning in Governance and
Policing. Tinus is currently busy with a research project on improving the policing functions through research entitled in “The critical assessment of the future police concept in development of the South African Police Service”; providing positive, realistic and innovative solutions for problems facing policing and public scrutiny; and in the long run, making a positive public picture about policing in South Africa.

I'm working in these sectors:

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Research published

  • Global Police Index 28 Oct 2019
  • Expertise

    Drug Enforcement, Mini-Bus Taxi Violence Operations, Undercover Drug Operations (WC-CIAC) Provincial Head Office, Training of Reservists, Street Survival Training, Fire Arm Assessment, “Flir” Camera Planning (infrared cameras), Special Festive Session Planning.


    South African Police Training Institutions

    Criminal Justice/Police Science


    •     2016 Law, military science and security - Cert: OR0007412016

    •     2013 Road Crime Crash First Responder - Cert: WP0098712013

    •     2013 First Aid Level 3 - Cert: CP0092512013

    •     2013 First Aid Level 1 and 2 - Cert: CP0087912013

    •     2013 Basic Management Level 2 

    •     2011 Tactical Survival Techniques - Cert: WP0123912011

    •     2011 Close Quarter Combat & Tactical Survival -Cert CA0195512010

    •     2010 Street Survival: Legal Principles - Cert: WP0170412010

    •     2010 Street Survival: Use of Firearm - Cert: WP0205612010

    •     2009 Basic Management Course Level 1 - Cert: CA0716812008

    •     2008 Motivated crimes against women and children Germany

    •     2006 Special Task Force Precon Phase - 20060119/3170

    •     2005 Tactical Police Level 2 - Cert: WP0049512005

    •     2005 Crime Prevention Level 1 - Cert: WP0025212005

    •     2004 Crime Investigating Statement course - (Workshop)

    •     2003 Tactical Police Level 1 - Cert: 0959812003

    •     2002 Basic Training - Cert: P0676112002