Practitioner – Stan Hendricks

Stan Hendricks – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

Extensive knowledge of Community Engagements with specific focus on GBV and VE. Engagement with Youth is addressed at schools and rehabilitation centres and on a spiritual level. Prevention of GBV Strategies with focus on the boy-child. I am the founder and chairman of It-Starts@Home NPO with my core focus on prevention of GBV; School Engagements; and Harm Reduction. I create awareness among young people of the dangers of substance abuse and I support the healing and restoration of those who have fallen victim.

I'm working in these sectors:
Civil society and community based organisations
I'm specialising in these topics:
Alcohol & substance abuse, Bullying, Domestic violence / Intimate partner violence, Family / Parenting, Gender-based violence, Rehabilitation / Reintegration
  • Association: SAPS and Rehabilitation Centres, Social Development,
  • Facilitate workshops on GBV and VE and Trauma in Communities.
  • Advise and prepare Victims of GBV and Sexual Assault on Court Procedures
  • Conducted Workshops on Social Justice for UNISA: Tirisano Centre is Collaborative centre of the departments of Health Studies,Social Work and Sociology within the College of Human Sciences at UNISA) for NGO's /CBO's and students studying Psychology and Social Work  and for the House of Traditional Leaders and Spiritual Leader
  • Crime Prevention: School Engagement:Motivational talks with students to reduce school drop-outs,unemployment;falling prey to "sugar daddy's leading to unsafe abortion,human trafficking,HIV infection.
  • Courses attended: GBV, Victim Empowerment,Trauma Debriefing
  • Course attended presented by Save the Children: 1. Intergrating issues of children's sexuality and gender in programmes dealing with sexual and reproductive health and Rights and HIV and AIDS. 2. Facilitating the Personal,Process- Orientated Approach