Practitioner – Samantha Napo

Samantha Napo – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

I am a Political Sciences gradute, with working experience in the field of international relations. I am hoping to gain technical experience with my current position at GIZ. I also believe this platform will help improve my understanding of what crime prevention entails - not only from a legislative perspective, but a social one.

My interest in crime prevention goes hand-in-hand with development. We are all affected by crime, society can not progress without identifying challenges to development, crime plays a big part in that. To prevent crime you need to know the reasons for crime. By joining this site I hope to learn how we as society, civil society and the government implement crime preventative measures.

I'm working in these sectors:

International / Development cooperation

I'm specialising in these theme(s):

General / Other


My experience in international relations is very general, it ranges from research and analysis. I am able to offer analytical expertise in terms of how governments can strengthen their relations to achieve their common objectives, as well  as how communities can get involved. 


I have not attended training related to crime prevention, but rather matters related to HIV/ AIDS.