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My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

I am an ex police officer with 30 years of safety and security experience. I am the CEO of AROSA founder and Chairperson of NPO Tongaat Women in Conversation.

AROSA is a non-profit company that is currently busy with a Community Safety program. We are about empowering communities by providing tools and resources to assist communities to take back their streets. We rely on the police and the security companies to take care of us yet we know that the police and security arrive after a house robbery has taken place. This is a false sense of security. We need to eradicate crime.

I believe AROSA is the answer to crime in this country. 

The first phase of the program is to put more eyes on the streets 24/7 which is done via our camera project. This is done through the installation of cameras in communities. The residents are given access to live feeds and are able to view the streets in their community.

AROSA is live in the following communities. Westbrook, Desainagar, Berkshire Downs and Dawncrest.

The infrastructure and maintenance of cameras is done by AROSA. Residents do not pay for the installation of the cameras and infrastructure. Residents pay R100 per month for data costs and  maintenance of the platform. Cost is R200 to join AROSA and a monthly membership of R100 per household.

Business owners pay registration amount of R500  and R250 per month. There are no contracts to be signed with AROSA. 

The second phase of the project is to bring in a community control centre into the program where all feeds in the community web monitored. AROSA requires volunteers to monitor the cameras 24/7. All volunteers will be vetted before any access is provided.

AROSA will also have a  GBV Advice Desk in the community to provide guidance and support to the victim. 

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I'm working in these sectors:
I'm specialising in these topics:
Prevention concepts

Community Safety program 

Gender Based Violence

Crime prevention


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