Practitioner – Niven Naidoo

Niven Naidoo – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

As a criminology and forensics graduate with a background in legal studies, I have performed and been directly involved in the following areas:

Project co-ordinator at National NGO’s diversion program whereby I worked with Youth Offenders to do communicate work and behavior corrections in order to rehabilitate them.
Involved in the Y.M.C.A rehabilitation program, which provided life skills to prisoners undergoing re-habitation into society.
Assisted with the business plan and the funding documentation to reinvigorate the crime reduction and female defense program with the SAPS team. 
Involved in the SAPS big brother program to keep “kids off the street” e.g a sport club to provide “at risk” youth safer social alternatives.

Seeking to be more proactive in crime preventive responses for business and public safety, I have assisted the Safety & Security Sector increase both their response to crime as well as sales of equipment and services by facilitating:

Private security providers to utilize public and private crime data records as a defensive shield. This Intelligence led hotspot analysis assists safety and security providers plan and deploy resources to the businesses and communities that periodically require the increased surveillance.
Emergency medical service (E.M.S) providers utilize these crime maps for faster response times to medical emergencies. Crime maps allow EMS providers to prepare for the expected emergencies for their area such as drug overdoses or violent crimes involving knives.
I have endeavored to form working relationships with Safety & Security providers and civil and state role-players whom are invested in reducing crime trends within their area of habitation and operations. This promotes the prestige and trust of the company brand within the area of operation.

I currently utilize Crime Predictive Algorithms with Geospatial Mapping to inform small and medium enterprises (SMME’s) and the public on crime trends and the measures in which they can protect themselves. Social media has been integral in the process of information distribution of safety & security intel.

I'm working in these sectors:
Consultancy / Service provider
I'm specialising in these topics:
Crime prevention through environmental design

Assisting communities and the Safety & Security Sector

- Taking away crime opportunities

- Showing would be offenders that the community is cared for

- Building relationships to stregthen cultural and social norms against crime

- Utilising limited resources to effeciently reduce crime trends 


Bachelor of Arts – Majoring in Criminology , Forensics and Religion 

British Council Certificate on Child Protection Awareness 
British Council Certificate on Child Protection Focal Point 
British Council Certificate on Working Towards a Child-Safe Organisation 
Suicide Prevention Workshop 

Geo-spatial Crime Modelling and Mapping 
Meta Blueprint : Community Manager