Practitioner – Meriel Bartlett

Meriel Bartlett – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

At Community Keepers we welcome the ‘disruptive child’; the ‘difficult teenager’; the learner who is withdrawn, anxious or angry; and those who appear to cope but are masking, to keep the peace.  These are the learners who need us most.

Our dream is to partner with funders and as many communities as possible, to build resilience and a culture of well-being in schools.  

We provide psycho-social support, social and emotional learning opportunities, therapeutic counselling, support groups and resilience building workshops for over 30 000 learners, 3 000 educators and 17 000 parents in our 31 partner school communities in poor communities.

I'm working in these sectors:
I'm specialising in these topics:
Bullying, Family / Parenting, Gender-based violence, Prevention concepts, Victim support, Violence in Schools and Educational Institutions

We are happy to share the resource we create with other organisations, at no charge.


Mental Health First Aid training for front line support