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My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

As Visionares Community Drilling Academy we aim to go out into all communities where gansterism and hardships are delt with by young individuals on a daily basis. Coming from an area where young people are being continuously drawn into gangsterism, drugs and where their homes are filled with hardships and struggles is a reality of living in areas like ours. Always having been around kids and being involved in recreational activities I realized that I truly have a passion for our young generation and that I can try and make a differnce. Myself Marguerite Naidoo, My Husband Paul Naidoo and our Drilling Coach Paul Davie took the initiative to start our own community Academy where we target teenagers preferably from the last year of primary school and high school learners who are living in these areas like ourselves, as these are typically the ages where the reality of our communities tries to draw our youth. With that said we aim to provide a platform for our youth to come and be a part of a team. We want our youth to know that they are worth so much more than they know and that their communities do not define who they are. We believe that we can make a difference. We believe that if we spread love, knowledge, courage and positivity, we can make a difference and that our youth can make a difference too. With our Programme we teach our youth the art of Drilling where they can come and express themselves and be who they believe they can be. We started our team in October 2018 about two weeks before the Mitchell's Plain Drilling Competition that we had decided to enter. In all we consisted of 24 young individuals and starting out we always taught our kids that winning is not why we do this, and that we do this because it is what we love and because it is our way of giving back to our communities. Going into the competition with approximately 24 hours of practice that was spread over six days with four hours a day. It was safe to say that we were overwhelmed as all our competitors had been practising for at least a year. In the end we walked into the competition with overwhelming odds against us but kept through because it is what we love our astonishment we went home with two trophies: one for best newcomers and third place best dressed. So therefore our message to all of our youth is that regardless of your shortcomings, disadvantages and circumstances, you are Amazing and can achieve all your heart's desires if you just believe and continue to be the best you that you can be. #YouthofWorth #Visionares #Bethechange

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Children, Gangs


We aspire to create a safe haven for our youth. We open our doors to anyone in need. We tend to always encourage and help mentality, physically, emotionally and financially to our youth. We create a space for our youth to feel safe and free to be themselves and to grow, personally and educationally . We truly aspire to help them be the best that they can be.


I am a coach at Jamiaca Way Primary in Portlands Mitchell's Plain. My Husband is a coach at Westville Primary School in Rocklands Mitchell's Plain. Coach Davie is a drilling coach that works at various schools teaching learners how to drill. Both my husband and myself have completed our level 3 in first aid. We have completed the HIV/Aids Courses. We have Completed our Level 5 Coaching.