Practitioner – Mara Glennie

Mara Glennie – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

TEARS Foundation firmly believes in collaborating with organisations that aims to prevent all forms of abuse. Our youth is our most valuable asset, and we need to educate them to become the best they can be, motivating them, challenging their thinking and creating a safer society for all. TEARS Foundation is at the for-front of developing innovative ways of dealing with abuse, as well as empowering our youth through education about rape and sexual abuse.

I'm working in these sectors:

General/Other, Civil society organisations, Community, Education, Government: local, Government: national, Government: provincial, Health, Media / Communications, NGOs/CBOs, Police

I'm specialising in these theme(s):

Bullying, Children, Domestic violence / Intimate partner violence, Family / Parenting, Gender-based violence, Monitoring & evaluation, Prevention concepts, Rural safety, Safety planning, School safety, Sexual violence, Victim support, Youth


TEARS specialized in developing innovative solutions to deal with Gender-Based Violence, Sexual abuse, Rape, Child abuse as well as bullying.


TEARS offers volunteers the oppertunity to become trained LifeBoard facilitators, educating our youth about rape and sexual abuse.