Practitioner – Mandisa Makhaye

Mandisa Makhaye – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

I am currently registered for a Doctoral degree at the University of KwaZulu Natal specialising in Criminology and Forensic studies. I am a lecturer at the University of Zululand in the faculty of Arts, Criminal Justice Department. Prior to this I served as a senior tutor responsible for supervising research, this is when the passion for research was further strengthened. The research topic that I am  currently working on is directed at transforming higher education learning spaces through tackling the issues of crime which hinder students’ academic and social wellbeing. The passion for creating a peaceful and safe country is what drove me to the career path that I am on presently. In addition to teaching and research, I engage a lot in community development projects. I am an active alumni of a global team of community changers, Enactus. They are a team of students, academics and business people who use the power of entrepreneurial action to shape a more sustainable future for our communities. I strike with confidence and determination which have served as the grounds through which I obtain all my achievements and am aware that in life learning never stops which is why I try to create a platform for myself that enables me to learn and grow as a young African woman.

I'm working in these sectors:

Research / Academia

I'm specialising in these theme(s):

Sexual violence


Research, valid research findings for real life interventions.