Practitioner – Laureen Jansen

Laureen Jansen – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:
Boxgirls Girls' Afterschool Leadership Education is a program to enhance participation, education opportunities and safety for young girls growing up in troubled urban areas of Cape Town. Female peer-educators coach a group of 30 grade 5 girls in de-escalation strategies, communication skills, life skills and good learning habits over half a school year in order to increase girls’ ability to defend themselves against gender based violence. Our slogan is “Strong Girls. Safe Communities.” That’s why the aims and impact of our program reaches from the individual girl to the peer group and the broader community. Boxgirls South Africa is a non-profit organisation creating and delivering innovative programmes in the areas of education, sport for development and community engagement. In order to constantly improve and preserve our high standards Girls’ Afterschool Leadership Clubs are externally evaluated by the German Sport University and local research partners from the University of the Western Cape.
I'm working in these sectors:
Community, Education, NGOs/CBOs, Research / Academia
I'm specialising in these topics:
Children, Gender-based violence, Monitoring & evaluation, Youth and violence
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