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Inger Harber – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

Over the period 2011-2014 I coordinated an urban based Disaster Risk Reduction program for Oxfam in South Africa. During this time, it was very evident that how people feel in their surroundings directly affects their ability to reduce the risk and/or impact of hazards. Creating positive spaces can both reduce risk and allow for learning and development.

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Five years experience managing complex programs and projects within the community and international development sectors, and spanning the thematic areas of: health, communications, disaster risk reduction (DRR), disaster management, social protection, gender, food security, disability, WASH and ICT for development. I have internationally-recognised expertise in responsive DRR programming.
Well-developed leadership skills and capability. A natural networker, with experience working across cultures, my interpersonal and communication skills allow me to relate to a diverse range of people towards positive outcomes.
My passion for learning and sharing knowledge has enabled me to succeed in collaboratively designing new and innovative programs, but also to support key organisational processes.