Practitioner – Finlay Kettlewell

Finlay Kettlewell – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

I am currently running Teampact, an attendance tracking platform designed to function in low-income, under-resourced communities across SA and internationally. A large part of the focus of the platform has been to track the creation of safe spaces for young people during the crucial after school hours. We have trialled this, alongside SAVI, in Bredasdorp and the Eastern Cape, and are rolling out app usage within the NGO sector across SA. 

I'm working in these sectors:
Civil society and community based organisations, Education, NGOs/CBOs, Sport / Recreation
I'm specialising in these topics:
Children, Early childhood development, Monitoring & evaluation, Public spaces, Youth and violence
Projects published
  • Teampact 19 Aug 2020
  • Expertise

    Through running Teampact, I have a strong base in attendance tracking, and the relationship between attendance data, both granular and macro-level, and impact reporting.