Practitioner – Claudia Roodt

Claudia Roodt – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

I am a social worker for 30 years and my field of focus is Trauma Informed Care.  I believe that the inclusion of neuroscience specifically focusing on how the human brain develops and what the brain needs to develop into a healthy functional adult, is crucial for us to understand when we work in the field of violence prevention.  We need to understand what people have been exposed to, pre-birth already, and how those experiences, specifically with regards to human relationships, have impacted on their belief system about the world, other people and their behaviour.  A fear driven brain just focuses on survival and that is what is the trend in South Africa.  Unless we are going to focus on helping people understand their behaviour and the root of it, and help them, through safe and nurtured relationships to build safer connections for themselves, help them through co-regulation to regulate their own impulses and nervous systems, we will not make headway to minimize the violence.  I do believe that with all the information and research that is available on neuroscience we can turn this trend in South Africa around.

I'm working in these sectors:

Consultancy / Service provider

I'm specialising in these theme(s):

Prevention concepts


Trauma Informed Care training which focuses on brain development, the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on the brain architecture and subsequent behaviour, and the methods used in Trauma Informed Care programmes to address this.


Own research of 10 years and busy with internal diploma on Trauma Informed Educators programme