Practitioner – Andrew Layman

Andrew Layman – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

Strategic Urban Management NPC was established in 2016 to support and promote precinct management.  Where this is in place, security is a prime motivation.  We are concerned that this usually leads to the expensive employment of security personnel and surveillance technology.  While this has a significant bearing on the safety of people within a precinct, there are other ways in which safety may be enhanced through the usage of public spaces and greater community involvement.

At present, managed precincts are usually Special Rating Areas or conform to some format which involves the payment of levies by property owners.  The model is less appropriate for poorer areas where communities deserve similar enhanced management of their pubic spaces.   We are in search of innovative ways in which precinct management may be extended to these areas without the costs normally associated with the provision of, for example, security services.

Personally, I was responsible for the establishment of Strategic Urban Management on behalf of SAPOA which funded a project in KZN to promote precinct management until the budget was exhausted.  I am now contracted to continue with this work for the eThekwini Municipality which is keen to increase the number, and type, of precincts which are managed.

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