Practitioner – Abdulrasheed Inusa

Abdulrasheed Inusa – Practitioners

My motivation to join SaferSpaces:

For possible collaboration with SaferSpace around promoting safer South Africa

I'm working in these sectors:

General/Other, Civil society organisations, Community, Consultancy / Service provider, International / Development cooperation, Education, Government: local, Government: national, Government: provincial, Health, Law enforcement, Media / Communications, NGOs/CBOs, Police, Private sector, Research / Academia, Sport / Recreation

I'm specialising in these theme(s):

General / Other, Alcohol & substance abuse, Bullying, Children, Crime prevention through environmental design, Domestic violence / Intimate partner violence, Family / Parenting, Gangs, Gender-based violence, Gun violence, Hate Crime / Xenophobia, Masculinity, Monitoring & evaluation, Policing, Prevention concepts, Public spaces, Public violence, Rural safety, Safety planning, School safety, Sexual violence, Urban safety, Victim support, Youth