World Forum on Cities and Territories of Peace - 3rd Edition

World Forum on Cities and Territories of Peace - 3rd Edition – Events


The gathering will be the third edition of a world meeting that began in 2017 in Madrid/ Spain, where more than 100 countries from all latitudes of the world, representing international institutions; national, regional and local governments; civil society organizations; social activists; universities; businesses; and schoolchildren participated. 

The third edition will be a multi-stakeholder and multi-level forum that highlights the importance of building co-existence and peace in cities and territories, as well as the need to identify the causes of tension and violence, in order to implement public policies, programmes and citizen initiatives that help to build culture and education for peace.

It is not an “event”, but rather a process of reflection and global, collective and horizontal advocacy, with the aim of offering solutions at the political level and in the implementation of policies for the construction of coexistence and peace in the territories and will mark another milestone in the roadmap towards extending through networks, cities, exchange actions, political advocacy, educational programs or campaigns to safer cities and territories. 

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The focus of Day 1 will be on "Inclusive Cities and Territories". Day 2 on "Cities and Territories free from Gender Based Violence", as well as on "Hospitable Cities and Territories" and Day 3 will discuss the issue of "Cities and Territories with Environmental Justice".