How to make violence prevention a reality

How to make violence prevention a reality – Events


South Africa spends billions of rands on the criminal justice system and private security each year. But is this enough to make us safe? This seminar will launch two new policy briefs on what we need to do differently, as a country, to reduce and prevent crime and violence:

  • Reducing violence in South Africa: from policing to prevention shows that the massive investment in the criminal justice system over the past ten years has failed to reduce crime significantly. A new approach that favours social interventions is needed.
  • Reducing violence in South Africa: resourcing violence prevention explains how the budget process works and offers advice to policy makers and NGOs about how to secure greater allocations of public funds for preventing violence.

Chair: Criselda Dudumashe, radio and television host, and social activist


  • Gugu Xaba, Programmes Director, Save the Children South Africa
  • Carmen Abdoll, Economist, Cornerstone Consulting
  • Matodzi Amisi, Director of Evaluation, SA Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Sinah Moruane, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF

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