Gender-Based Violence against Women and Children Conference

Gender-Based Violence against Women and Children Conference – Events


Basadi Hatella Pele projects is hosting a conference titled Gender- Based Violence against Women and Children on 22 and 23 February 2018 at the Emperors Palace, Kempton Park, Johannesburg.

Gender-Based violence is one of the biggest problems we faced as a country in 2017 from women being abused and killed by their partners, to children being molested in our schools. It’s time we as a country to do away with such crimes and speak up against such crimes.
Topics to be discussed at the Conference :
-          Gas-lighting and other forms of emotional abuse; when violence is psychological
-          Baseline study on ending sexual violence in schools
-          Using an integrated approach to address GBV in Diepsloot
-          POWA GBV APP
-          Prevention should not be a Fight but a Right
-          Signs of an abusive relationship
-          Redesigning broken communities 
-          The Gift of Intuition - Women taking back their strength through Empowerment
-          The different kinds of abuse (Violence against Women and Children)
-          Community-based Social Support Groups for victims of GBV
-          Exploring the barriers that prevent women from leaving abusive relationships

For more details see the conference brochure.

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