Change the World Webinar 2: Police and Policing in a System of Safety

Change the World Webinar 2: Police and Policing in a System of Safety – Events


This webinar explores opportunities to reframe policing in the context of systemic safety, as a transversal set of mandates. Law Enforcement cannot alone achieve safety; many risk factors that drive unsafety have no link to the mandates or capabilities of law enforcement and cannot be resolved by arrest, detention and deterrence. COVID-19 and it’s coercive strategies have spotlighted and exacerbated pre-existing limitations on policing itself.

Key issues for discussion:

  • The importance of partnership for policing and what this means in practice
  • Building the right design into being prepared.

Key themes:

  • Human Rights as a framework for prevention; critical redress mechanisms, and protective measures.
  • The importance of policing and police-public health partnerships in complex issues with health, criminal justice and social justice impacts,
  • Implications of these responses.

Case study:

  • Protest against policing in Nigeria: 20 October 2020 massacre of protesters at the Lekki Toll Plaza.


  • Policing and SDGs 2030.
  • Policing, police accountability, crime prevention, and peace building.
  • Circumstances in which it’s appropriate for police to enforce public health regulations
  • Engagement of communities to maximize voluntary compliance.

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