Book Launch: "Women surviving Lavender Hill"

Book Launch: "Women surviving Lavender Hill" – Events

New World Foundation invites you to

A Book Launch of:


7 Women write their stories of surviving abuse and violence

Written by Valerie Adams, Naema Moses, Margaret Arendse, Mary Bam, Veronica Kroukamp, Sheila Jacobs and Lorna Snyman

This book comes out of a 2-year writing project facilitated by Kim Pillay with women only from the community of Lavender Hill by an organisation called New World Foundation (NWF). The group started with more women and then reduced eventually to 7 women which are the 7 life stories you will read about who gave permission for the publication of their life stories. NWF’s intention is also for communities to understand what the plight of women is in Lavender Hill and how they struggle with “Violence Against Women” (VAW) with minimal help from their community that see VAW as normal. A community ridden with gang violence, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence and the list continues. “Women Surviving Lavender Hill” started as a healing process for women to start to address the trauma’s they have endured especially abuse and more particularly Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). All the women were very clear on this selfless effort and some even write in their stories that they wrote their stories to help other women who could get strength and healing from stories written in Women Surviving Lavender Hill.


New World Foundation,
Grindal Avenue, Lavender Hill, Cape Town


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