Who is it for?

Who is it for?

SaferSpaces offers all its information freely to anyone visiting the site but it specifically caters for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers in the field of violence prevention and community safety in South Africa. To them SaferSpaces offers an online network to share their knowledge and connect with each other once they register as site members.

This means there is an important distinction to be made between site visitors and site members - and their respective benefits in making use of SaferSpaces.

Site members

Practitioners, policy-makers and researchers working in violence prevention and community safety – e.g. from government, civil society or academia – are encouraged to register as members on SaferSpaces to share knowledge and connect with one another.


Policy-makers working towards violence prevention and community safety

  • acquiring information and knowledge;
  • presenting frameworks and strategies;
  • space for dialogue and engagement;
  • showcasing successes 

Civil Society, NGOs, community-based organisations

Practitioners in the field of violence prevention and community safety

  • showcasing good practices and successes;
  • acquiring further knowledge and information;
  • exchanging with and learning from others;
  • finding funding opportunities 

Research institutions, universities

Researchers in the field of violence prevention and community safety

  • knowledge transfer;
  • raising profile/recognition;
  • promoting events and publications

Site visitors

Anyone interested in the topic of violence prevention and community safety but not necessarily a practitioner working in the sector. All information on SaferSpaces is freely accessible by anyone visiting the site.

Private sector, businesses
  • acquiring information and knowledge about community safety;
  • finding initiatives to support through CSI
Service providers, consultants 
  • acquiring information;
  • raising profile/recognition;
  • training opportunities;
  • offering services in specific fields
  • finding tenders/calls for proposals
General public
  • learning about community safety;
  • finding possibilities to get active;
  • space for dialogue and engagement 
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You are a practitioner working in violence prevention and/or community safety? Your contributions give life to SaferSpaces. If you have a project or initiative you would like to showcase or resources to share, register as a practitioner.

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