Welcome to the upgraded SaferSpaces!

  • 28 Jul 2015

Welcome to the upgraded SaferSpaces! – Blog

A new member dashboard, simpler navigation and a research section: SaferSpaces has gone through a major makeover.

The upgraded site has a slicker design and new features that make it easier for users to navigate and find information. Practitioners registered as members on SaferSpaces will find a completely new member section that makes it easier to upload and keep track of their content.


New features

The control centre: Member dashboard


For members, the new dashboard provides an easy-to-use control centre for uploading resources, announcing events, showcasing projects - and keeping track of content.


Find information: Improved search


The main search of SaferSpaces has been much improved, allowing you to easily find information across the site. Moreover, every sub-section of SaferSpaces now has its own search function, making it much easier to look for resources, projects, events etc.


Promote research

If you're a researcher, you can now easily profile and promote your research programmes. Let other practitioners know about your research and share your findings with them.


More new features to come soon: e.g. a section for funding & job opportunities.


What is SaferSpaces

SaferSpaces is an online portal for practitioners working towards violence prevention and community safety in South Africa to find safety-related information and resources, showcase their work and organisations, share knowledge, network and learn from each other.


Let's work together for a safer South Africa!

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