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Lessons learned from the first Kenyan app for tracking gender violence

24 Aug 2020 | by Sarah Dickins and Naomi Mwaura | Flone Initiative

Using the data gathered through the app, the Flone Initiative aims to create a comprehensive database on gender-based violence hotspots across Kenya, particularly on public transport and other public transport spaces, so that Kenyan women can plan safer journeys for themselves and their loved ones. The data will also give government authorities, public transport operators, and civil society movements a deeper understanding of gender-based violence across Kenya, identifying unmet needs, raising public awareness and helping to shape policy on safety in public spaces.

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Religious organisations should help combat violence against the LGBTQIA+ community

12 Oct 2018 | by Hanzline R. Davids | Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM)

Religious communities in South Africa are often violent towards the LGBTQIA+ community. The forms of violence are wide-ranging. Faith communities are called to be healers and agents of justice. Therefore, listening to LGBTQIA+ people’s stories is one way to combat the stereotypes, bias and prejudice that nurtures violence.

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After women’s month, women and children are still dying

20 Sep 2018 | by Tsamme Mmammone Mfundisi

It is the end of women’s month in South Africa, and for me it still feels like being a woman in South Africa is moving from LOVE to DEATH

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Ulutsha Street Festival 2018: “Stop Violence against Children and Women!”

23 Jul 2018 | by Jessie Bohr | GIZ South Africa

The Ulutsha Street Festival 2018 turned out to be an ideal family event on a typical windy winter day in Port Elizabeth. This year’s Festival once again highlighted how public spaces can be transformed into positive spaces for recreation and social interaction. Further, the Festival demonstrated how festivals can be used as both recreational opportunities as well as opportunities to raise awareness on key social issues, such as gender-based violence and violence against children.

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SA Needs a Concrete Plan to Stop Gender Violence

04 Sep 2017 | by Marlise Richter, Sonke Gender Justice

South Africa desperately needs an ambitious, fully-costed and multi-sectoral plan that effectively addresses the factors that give rise to gender-based violence, and that provides comprehensive services to survivors of violence. Gender-based violence need not be a South African reality.

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About Disruptive Change and Wrestling with Laws

27 Jun 2017 | by Jeanne Bodenstein, Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

The rollout of sexual offences courts is essential for ensuring that survivors have access to survivor-centred justice. In this blog, Jeanne Bodenstein discusses how the Rape Survivors’ Justice Campaign engaged with magistrates and Parliament on the legislative framework for sexual offences courts.

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Vimba! Data - free app offers a lifeline to survivors of abuse in Diepsloot

25 Nov 2016 | by M&G Bhekisisa Team

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the M&G’s Bhekisisa is launching a free gender-based violence helpline in Diepsloot

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Prevention in Action - Working together to prevent violence against women

In communities like Lavender Hill and Vrygrond, domestic violence seems omnipresent. The “Prevention in Action” campaign recently educated community members on domestic violence and empowered them to become activists in making their communities safer places.

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Optimus Study: One in three young South Africans sexually abused

10 Jun 2016

One in every three young South Africans has experienced some sort of sexual abuse by the age of 17 according to the final Optimus Study South Africa, the first nationally representative study on child sexual abuse and maltreatment in South Africa.

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The Elimination of Violence against Women: Moving the Agenda Forward

19 Apr 2016 | by Ziyanda Ngoma | UNFPA South Africa

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the United Nations Population Fund, in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden, UN Women and the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE), hosted a symposium to facilitate a dialogue on the progress made on eliminating and preventing all forms of Violence against Women in South Africa.

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