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Safety in numbers

21 Aug 2020 | by Western Cape Department of Community Safety

The WCG Whole of Government Targeted Hotspot Plan works to change individual and community behaviour to slow the spread of COVID-19 in high-population, high-transmission areas. Community Safety, in partnership with lead departments and other spheres of government, has taken proactive measures to protect communities and save lives.

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Ramaphosa's plans aren't enough to adequately tackle violent crime in South Africa

21 Feb 2019 | by Guy Lamb | Safety and Violence Initiative

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa used his State of the Nation Address on February 7 to outline his relatively new government’s actions and plans. However, the crime prevention strategies he outlined were somewhat stale. Most, especially those related to policing and gender-based violence, have been tried before. They yielded few positive results and there is no evidence to suggest that they’ll work any better now.

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Cross-Pollination: community healing through knowledge exchange

07 Nov 2018 | by Ntombifuthi Ngubane | Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR)

This article will provide a summary of the successful workshop titled “Cross-Pollination event: A knowledge exchange that is shared amongst communities” that was organised by the Community Intervention team with the support from the Knowledge and Learning team.

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Building a new cohort of Youth Leaders that advocate for Safer Communities in SA

22 May 2018 | by Matsetsebale Tleane, Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

The Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme (VCP) of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and its partners trained over 120 young people as youth leaders and ambassadors of safer communities in two provinces, Gauteng and Eastern Cape. The purpose of this training is capacity-building of young leaders who can then contribute to the building of safer communities and to reducing crime and violence, which is on the rise in South African communities.

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The role of the police in crime prevention: Unpacking the 2016 White Papers on Policing, Safety & Security

The adoption of the 2016 White Paper on Safety and Security and the 2016 White Paper on Policing mark an important shift in conversations around crime and violence in South Africa, specifically regarding the role of the police in prevention, and the need to address the underlying causes of crime and violence.

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Towards safer cities: First national report on urban safety in South Africa

29 Jun 2016 | by Urban Safety Reference Group

The first national report of its kind, the State of Urban Safety in South Africa Report 2016 makes the case for integrated, evidence-based urban safety responses driven at city-level.

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New White Paper on Safety and Security: An integrated approach to preventing violence and crime

22 Jun 2016

The new 2016 White Paper on Safety and Security was adopted by the South African Cabinet earlier this year as a policy on safety, crime and violence prevention that promotes an integrated and holistic approach to safety and security in line with the National Development Plan.

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Designing for Safer Inner-City Parks in Johannesburg

This post shares experiences from the upgrade of End Street North Park in inner-city Johannesburg; a pilot project that tests a participatory approach to park design and management for safety. It attempts a more socially inclusive, and community-oriented approach to park design and management.

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Drivers of violence in Mexico City – and what South Africa can learn from it

25 Feb 2016

A recent study into crime patterns in Mexico City reveals that criminal violence is concentrated in key hot spot areas with certain socio-economic characteristics. Hence the authors call for targeted prevention strategies. The study holds interesting lessons for reflecting on violence and crime prevention in South Africa.

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Xenophobia and Migration: Adjust our urban policies towards safer cities for all

A progressive agenda around migration is critical for making South African cities safe for all, says Siphelele Ngobese (South African Cities Network). It is a key consideration in thinking about the growth, stability and future of cities.

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