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Fortress Kruger to Fortified communities? The Impact of Green Militarization on Communities
22 Feb 2018 | by Samantha Sithole

Environmental groups alongside international organisations have advocated for an immediate and effective approach to save the rhino through the eradication of poaching. Although there have been attempts by SANParks to integrate communities with conservation and natural resources, militarization has instead resulted in their alienation due to the violent and coercive nature of anti-poaching efforts.

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Horns, Guns and Drugs: The Real Cost of Wildlife Crime
21 Sep 2017 | by Institute for Security Studies

The number of poaching incidents has tripled in Southern Africa since 2010, endangering lives, threatening communities and undermining the local economy. Ahead of World Rhino Day, the Institute for Security Studies held a seminar which called for new ways to understand and combat wildlife crime.

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