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Municipal oversight bodies must be beefed up to protect against human rights abuses by police
28 Jul 2020 | by Chumile Sali | African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum

In the wake of the controversy surrounding a video of Cape Town resident Bulelani Qolani being dragged naked from his shack by municipal police, is it not time for a complete overhaul of police oversight mechanisms, and for Ipid to take control?

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The challenges of survey research in high crime communities

Fieldwork is not an easy practice but conducting it in high crime communities is a daunting task. This piece discusses the challenges faced during a longitudinal survey attempt that took place in Gugulethu; and how researchers attempted to handle these challenges.

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SDGs and violence prevention in South Africa: Strengthening the case for a holistic, urban approach

By addressing the root causes of poverty and illustrating the clear link between peace, security, justice and sustainable development, the SDGs may support South Africa in focusing on a holistic, urban approach towards violence prevention.

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